Outfit Of The Week + Giveaway!

Samantha Wise

Posted on June 08 2018

Outfit Of The Week + Giveaway!


Hola...what's shakin' bacons?!

Today I decided to write the first blog post that actually has more to do with what is interesting about this whole scenario: F A S H I O N.

Let me paint'cha a real quick picture: I once was a little chubbly (but fabuluss) girl with an interest of dressing up fancy for Walmart, braiding my hair in braids like Lizzie McGuire wore to school (y'know, the ones where you make pigtails and add a colorful hair rubber band every inch or so down to make it look like some type of glorious Truffula Tree growing from either side of your head?), and buying a new purse every weekend. (Okay, my dad bought me a new purse every weekend.)

Now, I'd like to think that dressing up fancy on the daily is partially what gets me through my days! I'm a teacher by day (bad a$$ by night), and I recently had someone from school to ask me how I always manage to "look so cute all the time?!" My response: "It just makes me feel good!" Even when I feel far from good, dressing cute makes me feel better.

Know when you have those days, where you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, with a massive headache, your hair hasn't been washed in *maybe* a week, if you're lucky, and it doesn't want to cooperate, oh and you JUST got a glorious monthly gift? :D Yeah, that's the kinda days I'm talking about. But guess what? You can feel like straight up J U N K on a stick and still look like a GODDESS who has roamed the earth for many centuries only getting even more glamorous by the decade, with your highlight on fleek, browz for days, and freakin' cute top and skinnies that you are straight up rockin', along with those adorable, sparkly wedges you're wearing, even though you're a teacher whom is on her feet ALL day long. :)

....THAT is what dressing cute does for me. Say it with me now: When it doubt, dress it OWT.

Anywayzzzzz, this was a longer intro than anticipated, but I just wanted to share with you an outfit that I am obsessing over this week! Let's call this my OOTW, shall we? ;)

This is our Miss Me Yet top in the color Ivory Lace, that we have here on the website for you! It's light-weight, flowy, and perfect for date nights or summer hangs with your friends. I'm loving that fact that the sleeves are cut out because it gives the feel of less fabric around your shoulders, neck, and face - less is more for summer, ladies, am I right?! However, less does not have to mean tacky or "revealing." 

I chose a variety of bralettes with this shirt because they all flattered it so well! My favorite has to be the Good Times Bralette in the color Berry, which I will link here. I think it is such a flattering color, and the fit of this bralette is my favorite fit of all! I'll also link the Take the Plunge Bralette here and the Criss Cross Bralette here in case those colors and styles are more your thing! 

I also paired it with our Color Block High-Waisted Denim Shorts, which I will link here for you. I LOVEeEe these shorts. They are going to be my go-to all summer long. Pool, vacay, date nights, brunch dates, you name it. They're so flattering on, and they are distressed just enough look a bit casual, care-free, and edgy. Unfortunately, we are sold out in large (and I don't think I'll be able to restock them), but be on the look-out for some more cuties coming your way soon. ;)


Next up, I am wearing our Love You to the Moon necklace, which is linked here for ya! I love this necklace paired with this shirt because it gives that touch of boho chic-ness to the whole thing. I also love that it is 3-tiered because I am a big layering person when it comes to necklaces! This one takes out all the thinking. ;) Don't overthink it, just do. (<-- My fave fashion advice to myself.)

FINALLY, I have something oh so glorious to share with you. This is something that was life-changing for me. Something that I feel defines my personality, style, whole look, and gives you a view straight into my soul. Are you ready for it? These shoes. They are the Bed Stu Aurelia sandals, in the color brown (I think?). They're the perfect mix of gladiator style mixed with boho, care-free, hippie-glam. Does this sound like you, too? They are all that you could ever want. I receive compliments every. single. time. I wear these. Seriously, I wear them with everything - dresses, skirts, skinny jeans, shorts, on the beach, you name it. Bonus: They've held up extremely well considering how much I wear them!

Unfortunately, I've had them for ~3ish years, so they do not currently sell these, BUT I've linked two pairs here & here for you that I think are equally as enticing and very similar to mine. :) 

"Give a girl the right pair of shoes, and she can conquer the world." -Marilyn Monroe


Well, now that I'm all put together and feelin' myself, thank you for spending a little time dressin' up with me today! I hope you enjoyed this blog, and I'll see ya around next time! 

p.s. Keep your eyes peeled for an exciting giveaway opportunity coming to you THIS weekend! ;) If you read this, go comment on our latest Instagram post with your fave place to vacay so that I know you're as excited as I am! (and to make people wonder why you're commenting random places on our post. ;))

Peace Out, girl scouts. 



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