Our Story

"With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable."

I remember being little and going to the grocery store with my dad every Saturday. This was a weekly occurrence, but one that I never will forget because it was the perfect opportunity for me to style the perfect outfit and dress up, even though I was just a kid going to the grocery store.

Fast forward a few years down the road; I'm now married and living a life I love with my darling husband, who has a knack and passion for business. We decided one day that we both wanted to work towards something that we are both passionate about together. 

For me, fashion has always been something I've loved. I whole-heartedly believe it is a form of art & expression of your soul. The creative act of visualizing, pairing items, and picking out the perfect outfit has been an outlet for as long as I can remember. Feeling comfortable and looking fab in an outfit is an instant mood-lift! So, we put our brains together, and here we are.

Our goal is to provide women with unique items that give that instant mood-changer, something that makes them feel comfortable in their own skin, and gives them an outlet to creatively express themselves with what they wear.

Why shop with us? We promise to always treat you as a friend, help you find that perfect outfit, and show you that style is an important form of expression that can be attained simply through our website.

We are so glad y'all are here & promise to do the best we can to make you happy! Thank you for trusting us to do just that.


Mic & Sam Wise, Wise Hart Boutique